Shasha & Her Management Team Part Ways

Shasha & Her Management Team Part Ways

The Victoria Falls carnival ended successfully, although South African musicians DJ Maphorisa, Kabza De Small and Zimbabwean Shasha, did not show up according to the programme.

But then a battle has loomed between the organisers of the carnival organisers and the three artistes for their failure to honour their contract, despite being paid in full.

DJ Maphorisa, Kabza De Small and ShaSha were scheduled to perform for one hour and it is now being said that the organisers have asked the three amapiano stars to refund the money.

Last week, social media was agog with some fans blasting the three for failing to honour their contracts, while some queried why up to date there was no statement from the three to defend themselves.

Some local promoters have also said foreign acts are in the habit of undermining them and take them for granted even after they are paid.

But fans have blamed the promoters for not promoting locals ahead of the troublesome foreigners.

The debate is still hot on social media.

ShaSha’s management has decided to break the silence after being accused of defrauding the carnival hosts.

They even said they are receiving calls on this.

But it has since emerged that the management has already parted ways with ShaSha.

In an interview, ShaSha’s manager Fungai Zvirawa, affectionately known as Kush in the showbiz industry, confirmed the latest development.

“Khaya Defero has been working with ShaSha for approximately eight years and she has become family,” she said. “We were actually her legal guardian during the early stages of her career.”

Asked to explain what happened at the Victoria Falls Carnival and why ShaSha did not show up, Kush said they were not involved in the booking.

“Unfortunately, we can’t comment as this booking was handled by Lawk in South Africa,” she said. “From March 5, 2022, Khaya Defero and ShaSha officially commenced terminating the management engagement. It was a process.”

Kush said she could not comment any further on ShaSha as their termination was done two months ago.

“We can’t comment on ShaSha’s movement now due to legal proceedings,” she said. “The reason I had to entertain this conversation is because we have been receiving calls and people wanted to know what happened.

“Again, we wanted to clear the air and distance ourselves. We wanted to issue a statement next week.”

Some local fans have been pressing ShaSha to prioritise home ahead the South African side.

“I believe ShaSha is best placed to express her own views on Zimbabwe,” said Kush. “For us, we believe in developing home grown talent and bridging them to the world. It is our mantra to be proudly Zimbabwean and to never forget where we come from.”

Kush said in terms of refunding the carnival organisers: there had been no communication on that yet.

“When Khaya Defero manages bookings we communicate effectively with the key stakeholders,” she said. “Granted there are unforeseen circumstances that do arise with events. Should there be a cancellation, we would ordinarily ensure our client(s) issue a statement apologising to the fans.

“We can only advice the booking agent to adhere, honour to the signed terms of engagement for the Victoria Falls Carnival booking for the non-appearance.”

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