Jah Prayzah’s Video Vixen “Lady Storm” Summoned to Court

Jah Prayzah’s Video Vixen “Lady Storm” Summoned to Court

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  • Jun 2, 2023
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Rhumba sensation Lady Storm, famously known as Eriza and born as Lyn Fungisai Magodo, has been called upon to make an appearance at the Harare Civil Court next Monday.

This summons comes in response to her former lover’s plea for visitation rights with their daughter. Luckmore Pongolani, who works as a car dealer and happens to be Lady Storm’s ex-partner, has submitted an application requesting access to their daughter during weekends and school breaks. He believes that their child deserves the opportunity to experience the natural bond between a father and daughter.

Eriza’s Loss: Jah Prayzah’s Video Vixen Lady Storm Confesses To Cheating On A Good Man For Fun
Eriza Summoned to Court for Denying Father Access to Their Daughter

Luckmore alleges that Lady Storm has consistently denied him access to their child ever since her birth in 2017. To address this ongoing dispute, Lady Storm’s legal representative, Mr Arshiel Mugiya, has confirmed the receipt of the court summons and the subsequent appearance scheduled for Monday.

“We will duly attend the court proceedings on Monday to present our response to the access application,” Mr. Mugiya told The Sunday Mail.

The issue between Lady Storm and Luckmore initially revolved around doubts regarding the child’s paternity. However, this matter was eventually resolved through DNA testing, which confirmed Luckmore as the biological father of the child.

In a shocking revelation made during an interview with DJ Ollah 7 on the popular Star FM show On The Spot, Lady Storm, also known as Eriza, confessed to cheating on her former husband without provocation.

Aside from acknowledging her violation of the sacred vows of marriage, Lady Storm disclosed that she engaged in infidelity for the sheer thrill of it.

“Well, I cannot say I was pushed to cheat because Mukanya was a very good man. He was a very good man wekuti I’m actually happy for him if he is doing well wherever he is. He was a nice man to me. Aindisapota you know. Everything was good. If anyone was wrong it was me,” she expressed

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